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What is Chronic Wasting Disease?What wildlife species are affected by CWD?Does CWD pose a health risk to humans?Can livestock get CWD?What causes CWD?Where does CWD occur?Where and how did CWD originate?How does CWD spread?What are the symptoms of CWD?How is CWD detected?Why are we concerned about CWD?Where can I learn more about CWD?Does CWD management pose a greater threat to deer hunting and its culture than the disease itself?If we let nature take its course, will deer become resistant to CWD?Could CWD ever be eradicated from the landscape, or even controlled at a manageable level?What is the current percentage of cases of CWD within the monitoring area of the management zone?Why should people outside the CWD Management Zone care about the disease?What is being done about CWD?What are other states with CWD doing about it?What is the current deer hunting season structure in the CWD management zone?Where do I get my deer tested for CWD?What happens if my deer tests positive for CWD?As a hunter and/or landowner, what can I be doing about CWD?Where can I donate a deer?Why ban baiting and recreational feeding of deer?If older bucks have higher CWD prevalence and move the disease around more, why use earn-a-buck?What would happen if we did nothing to slow the spread of CWD?How long has CWD been in Wisconsin?Is it possible that CWD is statewide, but hasn't been found yet? Is it possible that CWD is being used as an excuse to further an agenda of whole-herd reduction in southern Wisconsin?Besides testing for it, what else is Wisconsin doing to learn more about CWD?
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