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Why should people outside the CWD Management Zone care about the disease?

CWD is a statewide issue, not just a southern Wisconsin issue, for the following reasons:

  • Without appropriate management where CWD has been detected, the disease will spread to other areas of the state.
  • Based on current knowledge of the disease, including information from western states where CWD likely has been for a longer period of time, CWD poses a significant threat to the long term health of Wisconsin’s deer herd.
  • Projections based on current WI CWD data suggest that CWD will ultimately reduce the number of deer available each year for hunter-harvest.
  • A healthy deer herd is important for hunting traditions. Wisconsin has more than 700,000 deer hunters who have harvested an average of over 400,000 deer annually during the past decade.
  • Deer hunting contributes more than 7 million days of recreation every year.
  • Deer hunting annually generates more than $500 million dollars in retail sales and over $1 billion in total impact on the state’s economy. A healthy deer herd is critical to the state's economy.

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