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Besides testing for it, what else is Wisconsin doing to learn more about CWD?

In Wisconsin and many other states, research is being conducted on various aspects of CWD. Tissue samples and data from Wisconsin’s large-scale hunter-supported deer-sampling program have been used in CWD research around the world such as in England and Germany. Here are just a handful of the topics being researched both in Wisconsin and throughout the world:

  • The impact of deer dispersal, social behavior, and mortality on the spread of CWD
  • Spatial patterns and prevalence of CWD in southwest and southeast Wisconsin
  • Transmission mechanisms, including the effects of baiting and feeding
  • Susceptibility of other species, such as cattle and scavengers, to CWD
  • Effects of CWD on whitetail deer and deer populations
  • Human health risks from CWD
  • Attitudes, behaviors and desires of hunters and landowners in relation to CWD
  • Analysis of deer density reduction efforts in southwest Wisconsin and impacts on CWD progression

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