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What is the current deer hunting season structure in the CWD management zone?

2011 CWD Management Zone Deer Hunting Season Dates:

  • Bow September 17 – January 8, 2012
  • Youth Deer Hunt   October 8 – October 9
  • Early Firearm (Antlerless Only)  October 13 – October 16
  • Traditional 9-Day Firearm   November 19 – November 27
  • Muzzleloader Only   November 28 – December 7
  • Late Firearm (Antlerless Only)   December 8 – December 11
  • Holiday Firearm   December 24 – January 8

First deer either sex; EAB for all subsequent deer.

Landowner Permits

Landowners owning 5 or more contiguous acres in the management zone may hunt during the landowner season on their property with the landowner permit.

Hunters may hunt on these properties with the purchase of the CWD hunter permit and written authorization from the landowner.

Both landowner and hunter permits can be purchased for $2 at any license sales location beginning December 1, 2010.

If a landowner doesn't intend to hunt but wants to allow others to hunt on the property, a free permit with no hunting authority can be obtained by calling 1-888-WDNR-INFO.  

Permits are valid beginning January 10, 2011 and will expire on March 31, 2011.

View the Management Zone Landowner Permit document for more information.

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