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What is the current percentage of cases of CWD within the monitoring area of the management zone?

The percentage of cases of CWD in adult male whitetail deer in the southwest Wisconsin monitoring area has changed over the years. Since 2002, it has risen from about 8 percent to over 16 percent within a 210-square-mile monitoring area of Dane and Iowa Counties. In adult female whitetail it has risen from 3 to 7 percent. During that same time, the prevalence in yearling males has increased from about 2 percent to about 6 percent; and in yearling females from less than 2 percent to about 4 percent.

We continue to find that disease prevalence is higher in males than females and higher in adults than yearlings. It is important to keep in mind that annual prevalence estimates are subject to sampling variation and that trends over time give us better information. These annual monitoring data are important for Wisconsin’s understanding of CWD distribution and prevalence.

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